Shinjuku Ward Kabukicho club Donfin

I point at the place where the girl who belongs to a store sits down next to the customer,
pours customer's liquor and talks.
A house bottle is included in an unit price by all you can drink.
A charge system will be an unit price by time system. Separately,
it takes the cover charge service charge in addition to an unit price,
girl's designation charge and a drink charge.
A sexual caress is prohibited.
<The notice when entering the store>
■Store entry with the Japanese one will be the condition.
■A fee for use is advance payment and the charge occurs every 1 hour.
<The charge system> *It'll be only payment in Japanese yen in case of cash.
Main room
20:00-last・・60 minutes:10,000 yen
Cover charge(1 person):2,000 yen
The extended charge(60 minutes):8,000yen

VIP room
20:00-last・・60 minutes:10,000 yen
Cover charge(1 person):5,000 yen
The extended charge(60 minutes):10,000yen

Two room commonness
A house bottle:Hennessy VS、Old Parr 12year
The designation charge:3,000yen
Service charge:25%
■Separately, the charge generates other drink hoods.

*When using a special room, please ask an employee.

The card which can be used:
<Prohibited matter> By our judgement, taiten, sometimes, so, please accept it.
■Store entry by sandals
■The best part acts to a girl...etc
■The acts which run wild in the store...etc